Hydraulic Damped Turner

KCP/KCH series

The KCP and KCH turner is a device which in both cases serves to safely turn the molds by 90 °. The devices allow the turning of molds weighing up to 15 tons. The difference between these types is in the tilt drive.


Mold turner from the KCP series 
The device is equipped with a unique hydraulic damping system and the whole process is very smooth and safe, without unpleasant shocks in critical positions. Crane cooperation is required for handling.

Mold turner from the KCH series
Device is driven by its own hydraulic unit driven by an electric motor. The whole device is thus self-sufficient and does not require additional equipment for the rotation process..


Features / Benefits

• unique hydraulic damping system
• possibility of hydraulic drive (KCH series)
• space and operating cost savings
• stabilization mechanism
• simple control
• efficient use of space
• easy handling of the entire device

Technical Parameters

Time Savings

Thanks to the simple and easy handling of molds, you will save a lot of time. Operator training is also easy.

High Stability

This turner will not fill your entire tool shop, but it does not lose its stability and is completely safe.