Drum turners

KCB series

The KCB turner is a device for safe turning of molds designed for turning the mold by 90 °. The device allows you to turn molds weighing up to 40 tons. This turner is driven by its own unit. The electric motor with a series of chain gears takes care of a smooth rotation process.


The principle of rotation of the molds is based on a complex mechanical system driven by its own electric motor, so the rotation itself is very comfortable and safe. The stable and spacious device allows the turning of molds with a load capacity of up to 40 tons.


Features / Benefits

  • simple operator training

  • safe operator distance during the turning process

  • less moves

  • small space requirements

  • convenient operation

  • long power supply for the rotation process

  • no crane needed

  • compared to the KC series, more complex for maintenance and service.

Technical Parameters

Time Savings

Thanks to the simple and easy handling of molds, you will save a lot of time. Operator training is also easy.

High Stability

This turner will not fill your entire tool shop, but it does not lose its stability and is completely safe.


Not only stability, but also the whole principle of inverting the mold has been devised so that the user is at a safe distance during the process at all times, thus avoiding unnecessary actions that endanger safety.